Personal research began as a child. It was purely a need for answers, answers that nobody seemed to know yet were willing to kill each other over. The research was never meant to be so diverse but when studying one thing, numerous side issues come to light that are in need of investigation. The initial goal was rather simplistic; discover the origins of human existence, how hard could it be? Redefining Atlantis: Aegeara is a spin-off from the main body of research yet no less significant.

The problem is verifiable fact. What is fact? Archaeological evidence is perhaps the most compelling, although one cataclysm can wipe out significant evidence from a previous one, and I have reservations about the accuracy of dating systems due to atmospheric fluctuations and variation in terrain. Often remnants of pottery, fire damaged fortifications, or grave sites are all there are to go on. Art-work and sculptures are not just open to interpretation but can also be very misleading, especially when formulating opinions by drawing comparisons with society today.... as was the tendency of many historians.

Even text is dubious, just because somebody wrote it doesn't make it true. Changes in language leave context open to conjecture, so many of our words today have a reverse meaning to what they had 50 years ago. Context is a major issue with translations as many recent historians do not have the knowledge to challenge inaccuracies and false assumptions. With such a view, problems were soon encountered. As much information as possible was gathered and analysed for clues or tenuous links that could possibly substantiate another claim.

Plato's Atlantis as depicted by Kircher c.1665

The clues are there, and in abundance. Nevertheless, all this information still doesn't make it fact. Even when corroborated by another, it is most likely they all came from the same source. There will always be doubts when looking at early history, religion, archaeological evidence, myth and legend. Although objectivity is crucial, at some point a decision has to be made on which information can or cannot be trusted.

No matter what the source cited here there will always be critics, such is the nature of the beast. The information provided is from the most reliable sources available to me for more than four decades and has been included only after careful consideration.

THIS is what really happened!

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